We specialise in domestic electrical work.

Inspection and Testing

We offer a free visual inspection of your electrical system.

We also offer full inspection and testing including Landlords EICR.
It usually takes three or four hours.

In 999 out of 1000 cases, the result will be that it does not conform to current regulations.
Of course it doesn't.
The regulations (BS7671) keep changing.
The latest, 18th edition, came into force in 2018.

It does not mean that your system isn't safe, but it could be a lot safer.

The general recommendation is that domestic properties have a proper inspection and testing carried
out every ten years, or change of occupancy (ie when you move to somewhere else).

Landlords are recommended to have an inspection at every change of occupancy.
As of July 2020, Landlords must have an up to date EICR satisfying the 18th edition rules.
Up to date meaning less than five years old.

FuseBox Upgrades

FuseBox is the old name. So called because it has fuses in it. Obvious really.
It's now called a Consumer Unit, and contains circuit breakers.

What's a fuse (or circuit breaker) for ?
To stop you overloading the cable, in which case it would get too hot, and could cause a fire.

Current regulations also require the inclusion of RCD (Residual Current Device) protection.
The purpose of the RCD is to turn the power off, aiming to prevent "injury to persons".

If you have a FuseBox, you should consider an upgrade.

A typical upgrade takes four to six hours.


This is a relatively rare requirement nowadays.
Since the 1960s, wiring has been in plastic and it's unusual to have a problem with it.

Most older properties will have already been re-wired, but some could still be using the old
rubber insulated cables.
The big problem is that the rubber gets brittle with age, and can break away leaving bare cables.
And it's already at least 40 years too old.

If you suspect that you have rubber wiring, our Free safety inspection is available.

Be prepared for a shock, no pun intended.

Sockets and Lights

Frequent requirements are for the

No job is too small.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

See our separate page.

Telephone Extensions

Everybody, and all their kids, have mobile phones these days.
So this is no longer a common request.
Until the battery dies.

Computer Networks

Depending upon where your telephone sockets are, and hence your wireless router, will determine
whether the signal for your wireless laptop is good enough.

Providing "wired" network points is the most reliable solution.